When there’s anything I truly want here in life, I have begun to always let visualization be a part of my way to reach my goals. I try to let my day-dreaming become visions of the things I want. It can be to visualize about anything from getting that certain job you want or get good results in school. Whatever it is, I truly believe that through detailed and strong visualization, you can get whatever you like, if you believe it will work.

For me, I let visualization be a part of every day. You may think that it takes a lot of time but it really doesn’t, it is actually something that is very simple and also fun! Imagine letting 5 minutes of every day, when riding the bus to school or brushing your teeth, be visions in your head of the things you want most of all? How good does it sound? It’s not enough to sit on the bus on your way to school the same day as your math test and visualize that you will score the highest mark possible though. However you can start weeks ahead and decide that you want to succeed within that certain coarse and you visualize it and find ways to reach that goal, like studying harder. Once you’ve set your mind straight that this is truly something you want, you will study hard and focus and I believe that the result will be that you do well on the test.

To visualize you simply concentrate and try to do as detailed pictures in your head as possible, view things in your head as if they happened for real – visualize them! If I for an example want a silver-coloured Range Rover I simply see myself holding the keys, walking towards it and opening the door. I visualize myself driving the car and the feeling of driving it, the smell it will have and the colour of the seats… I know though, that being able to have the car I need to fulfil some requirements, like taking my driver’s license etc. It is the same with receiving good marks on the math test – it becomes clear through visualization what I need to do to be able to reach my goal, to either study hard for the test or taking my driver’s license to be able to drive a car (the Range Rover).

These scenarios were just two examples of how I believe visualization works, maybe it works in a different way for other people, but I would say it’s worth it to give it a try.

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