long time no see!

I have missed blogging, haven’t done it for so long cause of school, taking my drivers license etc etc. Boring but has to be done 🙂

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for still checking up on me to see if I update, so sorry for not.. Until today. Just wanted to make sure you knew I was live and breathing. The project is being marked in a few weeks, exciting, and I’m graduating in 94 days! weho. And after that I will go to Portugal to work at the surfshool for more than 4 months it seems now! Couldnt. Be. More. Excited.
I will get to surf more and meet so many great people, both visiting the camp and people who live there! Stoked!






for me surfing is the absolute best way of having fun, relaxing, being in the nature and at the same time working with your body – without thinking of it, cause it’s so much fun 🙂 that’s why I miss it like CRAZY all the time when I’m not there… I can offer you at the moment a discount so YOU can go surfing also! simply use my discount code LAP126, for the destinations that lapoint offer to Morocco, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bali etc.., and you get up to 500 SEK off the price (read more on their website to find out for which places it’s 500 or 300 discount, or contact me!) YEEY!

photo: lapoint

photo: lapoint

tempted to surf yourself?

do you feel any temptation to go surfing yourself? that’s what I thought… how tempting is it to just book a little (or longer!) trip to a great surf destination and play for a while in the water and actually see great improvements?? My advise to you is to go with lapoint, the company that I always go with and that I’ve learnt so much. That’s where I’ve learnt everything from when it comes to surfing, and you can do the same! If you type in the discount code: LAP126 when you book it, you get 500 SEK of the price! How good??

Guraidhoo, Maldives

Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Ericeira, Portugal

Stadt, Norway

Taghazout, Morocco

Bali, Indonesia

You can also go on kitesurfing-trips as well as snowtrips! Go visit their website http://lapoint.se/ for some more information and to daydream away…. Ask me questions if you have any and don’t forget using the discount code LAP126