for me surfing is the absolute best way of having fun, relaxing, being in the nature and at the same time working with your body – without thinking of it, cause it’s so much fun 🙂 that’s why I miss it like CRAZY all the time when I’m not there… I can offer you at the moment a discount so YOU can go surfing also! simply use my discount code LAP126, for the destinations that lapoint offer to Morocco, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bali etc.., and you get up to 500 SEK off the price (read more on their website to find out for which places it’s 500 or 300 discount, or contact me!) YEEY!

photo: lapoint

photo: lapoint


my 3 best tips for you.

during my stay in Morocco, and also when I prepared myself to go there, I’ve come up with my 3 most important tips for you:

attitude. to try and always stay positive, relaxed, focused and happy when you’re out in the water. my instructor always tells me how important it is and this time i believe i finally lived up to it, at least most of the time… with good attitude you will catch so many more waves than if you get frustrated and angry, trust me, I know by own experiences… and besides, you know why you do it – cause you love it – so enjoy it!
physical training during prep-time (a lot with the arms, core and practicing on technique, like the pop-up!). that will for sure help you a lot!
– try to understand the ocean. count the sets, see which waves will break where, or close-out, if it will be windy or not and where the currents are. i now know a lot more about reading understanding the ocean, which helps me a lot. it is important for you to be able to catch the right waves – and therefore of course you will improve faster than if you don’t know which waves will break or not.


motivation still on top!

this week has been busy! been working hard to manage school work, together with work outside of school and the physical training for my project! takes a lot of energy and if I didn’t want it as much as I do, I would probably not bother anymore… but luckily I do because I want to work hard to get better and since I want it so badly, my motivation is still on the top!

update from this week; I ended up doing 4 Strength sessions, don’t really know how that happened because I very strictly follow a schedule I’ve put up and it should only be 2 of those… however I did 4 which included three ones at the gym with some abs-training and arms, and one session was out in the ocean paddling again on my dad’s old windsurfing board, with an old friend from school! it was still freezing cold and I still haven’t got a pair of gloves so I made my own pair with my winter gloves of wool under a pair of dishwashing gloves! worked alright.. the water came in ofcourse but work a bit like a home-made wetsuit. apart from this I’ve done 3 Balance, just the normal 10 minutes on the balance board at home, together with 2 Cardio running (40 minutes each) and 3 Flexibility/Technique with some pop-ups, explosive push-ups and pop-ups all in one exercise.. I’ve also realized I have to be more flexible so I do what the girl does on the photo, one minute on each leg every day, from now on 🙂 not really there yet though but I’m working on it…