Hamilton’s backward lunge

This one is awesome. Like normal lunges but you do them backwards. I highly recommend it. Hold weights in hands to make it heavier!


healthy choices!

if you’ve decided to start working out more and be more active, ofcourse yo have to think about what you eat and drink! normally that changes automatically but if you want some advices you can read what changes I’ve done 🙂

1. I drink heaps of water! Just started a week ago with that though…. It is really important, especially when you work-out more often.

2. Fruit and veggies. Try and eat five portions of fruits or veggies a day! Good vitamin boost and contains a lot of minerals. My favourites: avocado(!), bananas (eating as many as possible a day….), mango, apples, tomatoes, broccoli etc etc etc.

3. No alcohol… I’ve stopped drinking alcohol now since my project and all. Not the easiest thing always, to say no all the time, but it feels good! And it’s not good to drink alcohol when you exercise the day after so easiest to just never do it.

4. Try and stay away from sweets, however ofcourse you have to give yourself a treat now and then! Otherwise it’s really hard to stick to it if you never let yourself have some chocolate or ice-cream now and then.

AND, don’t forget to always (!) eat a big and yummie breakfast!

be proud.

I realized something quite important today while I was on my way to the pool to do some swimming, and that is how important it is to find your own balance in life. A balance between all things you want to do and all things you “have” to do, which hopefully aren’t many…  It can be truly hard, even though you’re the person who sets your own goals and are determent to achieve them, sometimes you can get off balance. I mean, before I started my little project towards developing my skills in surfing before I travel to Marocco (thanks to LAPOINT for making it happen!), I didn’t know how much I would be able to work-out and manage to push myself, and I won’t know it until the end of the project. I just did a little risk taking and made a plan I thought I’d be able to stick to, and it has worked pretty well. It’s so important to listen to your own body though, and often remind yourself why you do what you do, why you push yourself and why you get up early in the morning before the sun has risen and the frost on the ground doesn’t look too tempting to crush.
Not only in situations like this it is important to listen to your body, but in all situations. It can however be very difficult sometimes. Often it is your brain that says “no” but you can physically always push yourself more than that. However if you always push yourself when your brain says “no”, maybe you’re not doing what you actually want… ever thought of that? My brain says “no” when I’m tired and simply can’t be bothered, and then I push myself, keeping in my mind what my goals are and where I want to go, and soon enough the bad thoughts are gone. Sometimes I watch my favourite surf movie to get motivated again, or say to myself “then don’t work out if you can’t be bothered, it’s up to you!”…. but then I feel bad and I put on some good music and I’m on the right track again!
So today when I was on my way to the pool I got a bit off balance. I had so hard to get myself out of my house to go swimming, took me almost an hour to decide whether I should to it, or if I could just skip it. But then I said to myself that 30 minutes in the pool is really not that much, but it means a lot in the long run, so giving up some time to go swimming felt hard before I did it but arfterwards it turned out to be one of the things that made my day. I felt though that 30 minutes was enough, because just the fact that I did it on a day when it felt sooo hard to do it, feels good enough. I’m proud of myself, which is another important fact when finding your own balance. Between the pushing and fighting towards your goal, don’t forget to be proud of yourself, otherwise it will be very hard to get where you want.

running in the rain.

hey. so a bit of an update from wednesday: I’ve been working out but been slightly careful since I’ve still got that cough (which seems to be long gone now!!) and it’s really important not to be too hard on your body if you don’t feel on top. However that can also be a mental thing, sometimes you feel a bit low and don’t think you should exercise but once you push your body you feel fantastic and it was just something in your head. But always listen to your body and do what feels good. For me I’ve been feeling alright all trough this week and I’ve luckily been able to workout. I’ve just done situps, F/T and balance-board since wednesday, and today I felt like go out and run. I love running! I used to hate it and always felt like “I should” run, but then I realized it’s so good when you feel like getting out some of that extra energy. Put on some real good music like She Wolf, Heavy Cross or Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff, and keep on running. One of the best feelings ever…

my feet are like still soaked and muddy!

6 am

I went up at 6 am yesterday (wednesday), to go to the local indoor pool and get myself a membership-card so I can use their facility. It was chockas in the pool and two men started a little fight for not getting along in the water, haha… However I truly enjoyed starting the day by taking strokes in the water while the sun made its way through the early morning mist on the other side of the windows.

I did breaststrokes for 30 min, which I will do this for three more weeks and then increase it with about ten/15 min.

Today (thursday) I first did some F/T training at home before school, (which my sister helped me to take some photos of in our basement for you to see some of the exercises…) and I will later on do the 2nd set of 200 situps for this week. Then tomorrow I will have one Balance-session with hopefully longboarding if it’s not raining, followed by saturday’s Boxing at the gym (Strength), balance-board (Balance) and sunday’s F/T and 200 sit-ups. Then I’ve got this week’s training done!


from “bad bad not good”. change side, x20.

step 1. try and keep you body a bit closer to the ground, straight.

step 2. throw your foot next to your hand.

step 3. bring your back foot next to the other hand. look straight forward. then bring the first foot back again followed by the second, which you bring up in the air like you did with the first one… continue this exercise, try and to faster.