duck-diving in basement.

straight arms, weight on arms. pushing “board” down, under approaching wave.


bring foot to the tale.


now your front-side of your body, together with the board, will be on its way down under the wave. (back-foot will push the tale down too….)

keep your surfboard parallel to the surface, however under the wave of course.


face the surface and you will automatically come up to the surface, behind the wave… And you can start paddling!

Just trying to do it before getting in the water! (the body-position is just an approximation of how it should look like…) It’s possible to practice pretty much everywhere, so no excuses!

6 am

I went up at 6 am yesterday (wednesday), to go to the local indoor pool and get myself a membership-card so I can use their facility. It was chockas in the pool and two men started a little fight for not getting along in the water, haha… However I truly enjoyed starting the day by taking strokes in the water while the sun made its way through the early morning mist on the other side of the windows.

I did breaststrokes for 30 min, which I will do this for three more weeks and then increase it with about ten/15 min.

Today (thursday) I first did some F/T training at home before school, (which my sister helped me to take some photos of in our basement for you to see some of the exercises…) and I will later on do the 2nd set of 200 situps for this week. Then tomorrow I will have one Balance-session with hopefully longboarding if it’s not raining, followed by saturday’s Boxing at the gym (Strength), balance-board (Balance) and sunday’s F/T and 200 sit-ups. Then I’ve got this week’s training done!


from “bad bad not good”. change side, x20.

step 1. try and keep you body a bit closer to the ground, straight.

step 2. throw your foot next to your hand.

step 3. bring your back foot next to the other hand. look straight forward. then bring the first foot back again followed by the second, which you bring up in the air like you did with the first one… continue this exercise, try and to faster.

i’m smiling, even if it’s raining.

The F/T workout today was killing me! So good! Intervallflex at the gym with a guy who unfortunately only does it once every two weeks, but he’s really good, he makes us push ourselves to the maximum a lot of times. We did a quick warm-up and then heaps of intervall-training for the first half an hour and then 25 minutes of flexibility training, which fits perfect to my F/T! The intervalls are pretty much divided into sections of 70 sec workout/20 sec rest X3, followed by 60 sec workout/20 sec rest X3…. etc. Always having a longer section of exercising and a shorter for resting (which means slow jog). Then on the flex-part we stretch a lot and do strengthening dynamic movements.

On my balance session of the day I had planned to do some longboarding again but the rain didn’t stop so I did some minutes on my balance board, while studying! Must have looked a bit awkward… hopefully the neighbors were too busy to watch me! However I did some crunching, standing on one foot at a time etc.

I need to get out on my longboard soon again, since it happened a little accident yesterday when I was going to the city…I was chillin on my board thinking I had a good balance and control over the situation. I stopped, perfectly fine, right at the traffic-lights, however my board didn’t stop as I’d planned which resulted in a little bump into a nice Audi that went by. Nothing dangerous happened but still real embarrassing… Just have to get on it again to forget that little incident…

This picture is what I gotta think of to keep me motivated at the gym or on my longboard when crashing into cars…

My dream is to one day be the person who takes this photo…