…and did it work? well, if you ask me it most certainly did.

i’m home after two AWESOME weeks in Taghazout with the lapoint team!

my surfing improved more during these two weeks than it has before, that’s for sure. at least in my eyes i did it, and that’s the most important thing. both the physical training and the mental training helped me a lot! i felt stronger than ever in my body and in my head i felt stronger so i could stay positive after even the worst wipe-outs.

i don’t know how much i actually thought i would improve my skills in surfing during only two weeks… i mean face it, no one becomes a pro after only two weeks of surfing, when you haven’t done it for 4-5 months. however you can always learn a lot more, and also if you prepare like i did. i was able to surf with great (!) surfers, like the trainers of the lapoint-team, a world class surf instructor from Portugal, the Portuguese surfer and owner of the camp, and i even happened to ride the same wave as the manager of Rip Curl Europe. These and all the other experiences got me even more inspired and the list of “thank you”-s to people has grown.


Taghazout, Morocco.

this trip has made me want to work even harder to surf even more and even better. i am much more open to all the tips and help i can get from any one – cause together we do get better. i do hope this project not only helped me a lot but helped some of you guys on your way to achieve something. the project in school is coming to and end – but my surfing if for sure not! i am stoked and so happy i started this project… and did it work? well, if you ask me it most certainly did. 


tomorrow it’s ON!


Big Life Event on my phone!

tomorrow I’m getting up at 5 am to get ready for morocco. I’m very excited.
the last few days, as I wrote in the earlier post, I haven’t been able to continue with the exercising as well as I did in the beginning and in the middle of this little project of mine. However, luckily I could go to the gym one more time before I’m leaving, just to carefully go through the exercises like one or two pop-ups, push-ups, some balance training (like standing on the half pilates-ball making squats), sit-ups on the pilates-ball etc. Don’t know how much that helped to improve anything, but with a positive attitude I’m sure it did 🙂

Ok, so during my two weeks in Morocco I might be able to update on the blog, however not quite sure since I’ve decided not to bring my own computer and not entirely sure whether I’ll be able to borrow one there or not… Otherwise; I’ll “see” you in about two weeks time! Thank you so much (so far) for following me and giving me great feed-back.
I reached my goal on more than 5000 viewers before I leave!
(5036 last time I checked!)  BYE!

hello people!

sorry for being slow on the update lately but been sick for about a week so haven’t been able to exercise at all…. which really sucks! 😦 especially since I leave in 4 (!!!) days.
my body really doesn’t feel as fit and strong as it did a few weeks ago but I do my best (eating well, drinking heaps of tea and water) to get better quickly and try to fit in at least one session at the gym before I leave!

trying to think positive though, better sick now than during the trip, right? 🙂

and hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all from a snow-covered Stockholm!
Got this awesome beanie for my birthday from my sister! Vintage Flamingo ❤

if you cannot sacrifice for your dream, it’s not your dream

(listen to Weekends!!! – Feat. Sirah, by Skrillex when working out)

ok, so my neck is all good again which is great! went back to the gym Friday and carefully went though some of the exersises that the guy taught me at the gym a couple of weeks ago. Saturday I ran 10 km, and today I did some routines at the gym including strength and some pop-ups, cause that was a while ago…

today I feel strong!

today I feel strong!

a little tip for you!

try all sorts of different excersising! don’t stick with the same old! your body physical ability improves heaps more if you go outside the box and challenge yourself. be careful though, ask for help if you’re at a gym and don’t forget to always warm up.
my new favourites at the gym:
– kettlebells
– medecine balls
– weights
– “half a pilates-boll” (haha no Idea what it’s called but good for balance)


update: injured neck

unfortunately I hurt my neck the other day when I was working out… which means I can’t work-out for a few days cause it was pretty bad. nothing severe though, which is good!:) and maybe a good thing it happened so I get some days of…hehe.
otherwise I’m counting down for Morocco, today is almost three weeks left! woho


yeeah, wish i could.

personal trainer

hi! i’m stoked. met up with a guy at the gym today who’s a surfer and also an instructor at the gym. we went through heaps of great excersises and he showed and told me some real great stuff. such an inspiration and my motivation is now on top again! I’m leaving for Morocco in a month so I’m gonna work harder than ever! He told me how important an over-all strong body is. Ofcourse you can do heaps of Yoga and stuff to get in control of you body and that’s heaps good, however if you’re not really strong you won’t be able to paddle for a long time, pop-up when you need to and stay in the water for all the good sets 🙂
Some of the things he said, I kind of knew but it felt SO good to hear it from someone like him. So I’ll be focusing on strength (!!!) for now on, consisting of stomach-excercises (basic ones like the normal sit-up), strengthening my hips, doing a lot of squats to work on balance and strength, paddle-technique (strengthening arms) etc etc. We’ll see how it goes and if I feel any better when I’m out in the water. At least I’ll be having fun!
And now it’s official, it’s winter in Stockholm so no more late-night longboarding with my sister….

happy maria today!