Surf project 2012/2013

My name is Maria af Sandeberg Andén and this is my project during my final year of High School here in Stockholm. I chose to work on a surf project because surfing is my biggest passion in life. It has become whom I am, what I breathe and what I dream about doing for the rest of my life.
I do live in Stockholm so being able to surf on a daily basis is not an easy option. I do not need easy but I need possible. However, unfortunately it is not even possible to surf right here in Stockholm, but what is possible is to prepare my body physically for next time I go surfing. This is what my project is mainly about; to build an individual training schedule where I try to do as many surf related workouts as possible, in order to see great improvements when I go surf in the end of my project, January 2013.
First time I caught a wave was when I lived in Sydney 2010-2011. Even though I did love it from the very first stroke I took from the side of my borrowed Malibu board, my mind wasn’t set straight and I did not know what I wanted. However I do know what I want now and that is to become really good.
I went to surf again with my two older sisters to Morocco during New Year’s last year when I had moved back to Sweden, with a company called lapoint. This is a European company which was established in Morocco by the Portuguese surfer Alexandre Grilo. The company has surfing camps in Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Maldives, as well as kite surfing in some countries and snowboard-/skiing trips. The company is now partly Scandinavian.
This trip was an amazing experience for me to start getting serious about my surfing. They have different levels on the groups that you surf with and their instructors are real talented surfers who give you specific feed-back on your performance in the water. This made me book another trip with them, but this time to Portugal. Here too was a great way to develop in surfing. During two weeks I managed to go down two sizes on my board as well as knowing what exact things I need to work on for next time and remember to always smile and have fun, even though you get caught in “the washing-machine”!
I now know what I want and that is to show people that everyone can surf, even though you did not grow up on a sandy beach in Hawaii or have two die-hard surfers as parents. You can surf even though you do not start at a young age or live in a surf-area. I can surf and when I’m not out in the water I have now decided to train hard to prepare myself.
Follow my documentation on my training, how important visualization is to me and what inspires me. If I will try and do it, why don’t you?

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