long time no see!

I have missed blogging, haven’t done it for so long cause of school, taking my drivers license etc etc. Boring but has to be done 🙂

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for still checking up on me to see if I update, so sorry for not.. Until today. Just wanted to make sure you knew I was live and breathing. The project is being marked in a few weeks, exciting, and I’m graduating in 94 days! weho. And after that I will go to Portugal to work at the surfshool for more than 4 months it seems now! Couldnt. Be. More. Excited.
I will get to surf more and meet so many great people, both visiting the camp and people who live there! Stoked!





for me surfing is the absolute best way of having fun, relaxing, being in the nature and at the same time working with your body – without thinking of it, cause it’s so much fun 🙂 that’s why I miss it like CRAZY all the time when I’m not there… I can offer you at the moment a discount so YOU can go surfing also! simply use my discount code LAP126, for the destinations that lapoint offer to Morocco, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bali etc.., and you get up to 500 SEK off the price (read more on their website to find out for which places it’s 500 or 300 discount, or contact me!) YEEY!

photo: lapoint

photo: lapoint

my 3 best tips for you.

during my stay in Morocco, and also when I prepared myself to go there, I’ve come up with my 3 most important tips for you:

attitude. to try and always stay positive, relaxed, focused and happy when you’re out in the water. my instructor always tells me how important it is and this time i believe i finally lived up to it, at least most of the time… with good attitude you will catch so many more waves than if you get frustrated and angry, trust me, I know by own experiences… and besides, you know why you do it – cause you love it – so enjoy it!
physical training during prep-time (a lot with the arms, core and practicing on technique, like the pop-up!). that will for sure help you a lot!
– try to understand the ocean. count the sets, see which waves will break where, or close-out, if it will be windy or not and where the currents are. i now know a lot more about reading understanding the ocean, which helps me a lot. it is important for you to be able to catch the right waves – and therefore of course you will improve faster than if you don’t know which waves will break or not.


thank you

a bit cheesy maybe but I want to say thank you to so many that have been a big help for me. first of all of course to my mom and my family! and to lapoint for helping me out with the trip. also thank you to two instructors at my gym, one who’s a surfer and gave me some great surf-excersises and another guy who helped me a lot too! and also of course to my teacher at my school for helping me out. and to Surfsverige for linking to my blog on their awesome website for surfers!
being in morocco – thanks to the instructors working at, and together, with lapoint, and to some awesome people and surfers i met there! i hope i’ll meet everyone again!


Haha happy face! Me and one of the instructors in Taghazout.

…and did it work? well, if you ask me it most certainly did.

i’m home after two AWESOME weeks in Taghazout with the lapoint team!

my surfing improved more during these two weeks than it has before, that’s for sure. at least in my eyes i did it, and that’s the most important thing. both the physical training and the mental training helped me a lot! i felt stronger than ever in my body and in my head i felt stronger so i could stay positive after even the worst wipe-outs.

i don’t know how much i actually thought i would improve my skills in surfing during only two weeks… i mean face it, no one becomes a pro after only two weeks of surfing, when you haven’t done it for 4-5 months. however you can always learn a lot more, and also if you prepare like i did. i was able to surf with great (!) surfers, like the trainers of the lapoint-team, a world class surf instructor from Portugal, the Portuguese surfer and owner of the camp, and i even happened to ride the same wave as the manager of Rip Curl Europe. These and all the other experiences got me even more inspired and the list of “thank you”-s to people has grown.


Taghazout, Morocco.

this trip has made me want to work even harder to surf even more and even better. i am much more open to all the tips and help i can get from any one – cause together we do get better. i do hope this project not only helped me a lot but helped some of you guys on your way to achieve something. the project in school is coming to and end – but my surfing if for sure not! i am stoked and so happy i started this project… and did it work? well, if you ask me it most certainly did. 

tomorrow it’s ON!


Big Life Event on my phone!

tomorrow I’m getting up at 5 am to get ready for morocco. I’m very excited.
the last few days, as I wrote in the earlier post, I haven’t been able to continue with the exercising as well as I did in the beginning and in the middle of this little project of mine. However, luckily I could go to the gym one more time before I’m leaving, just to carefully go through the exercises like one or two pop-ups, push-ups, some balance training (like standing on the half pilates-ball making squats), sit-ups on the pilates-ball etc. Don’t know how much that helped to improve anything, but with a positive attitude I’m sure it did 🙂

Ok, so during my two weeks in Morocco I might be able to update on the blog, however not quite sure since I’ve decided not to bring my own computer and not entirely sure whether I’ll be able to borrow one there or not… Otherwise; I’ll “see” you in about two weeks time! Thank you so much (so far) for following me and giving me great feed-back.
I reached my goal on more than 5000 viewers before I leave!
(5036 last time I checked!)  BYE!

hello people!

sorry for being slow on the update lately but been sick for about a week so haven’t been able to exercise at all…. which really sucks! 😦 especially since I leave in 4 (!!!) days.
my body really doesn’t feel as fit and strong as it did a few weeks ago but I do my best (eating well, drinking heaps of tea and water) to get better quickly and try to fit in at least one session at the gym before I leave!

trying to think positive though, better sick now than during the trip, right? 🙂

and hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all from a snow-covered Stockholm!
Got this awesome beanie for my birthday from my sister! Vintage Flamingo ❤